Injection therapy
VanHypodermic needle

Product Features:

◆ Made from high-quality austenitic SUS304 stainless steel; 

◆ The needle tube adopts the world-leading thin-wall design with large inner diameter and large flow rate; 

◆ The tip of the needle designed with outstanding sharpness, fast insertion, reduced pain, and minimal tissue damage; 

◆ The 6:100 conical connector manufactured in accordance with international standard ensures accurate size and good compatibility with other medical devices;  

◆ The needle seat color identification standard facilitates the distinguished use. With translucent design, the blood back flow can be easily observed; 

◆ The protective shell can easily perform the effective shielding for the used needle tip after use, to ensure that the needle will not accidentally stab the medical staff, patients and other groups, so as to achieve safety, reducing the infection;

◆ The injection needle with special specifications can be customized; 

◆ Packing type: Bulk, paper and plastic packaging