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Product Features:

Usage: Record Important Identification Information of A Patient. Tie On Patient’s Wrist

24-hour Close Identification Can Effectively Ensure That Any Time Quickly and Accurately Identify Patients.

Material :PVC

Color: Blue, Pink, white, Other color By Optional

Model:Adhesive, Write-on, Insert-card, With Hole(12,14,16) or without Hole

Size: 6’’, 10’’, 11’’,12’’

Infant, Adult, Adult& Infant

Adult: 100pcs/box, 50boxes/56x 42x26cm, 15/14kgs

Infant:100pcs/box, 50boxes/56x42x26cm, 15/14kgs

Adult& Infant: 50pairs/box, 2500Pairs/50x42x26.5, 13/12kgs