Vaginal care
Vaginal Speculum with Suction Connector

Product Features:

It can be used for the checking and treatment of gynecology disease in hospitals or clinics. Before using it, user must read the using manual, and then take the speculum, push the “duckbill” of speculum that is closed into the vaginal slowly. Open the “duckbill” of speculum according to demand, fix the nut of speculum, then it can be used for checking and treatment of gynecology disease. After all, loose the nut of speculum, and take “duckbill” of speculum out of the vaginal slowly.


Made of polustyrene;

It is a transparent substance, non-toxic, medical grade

Size: large/Middle/Small

Supplied sterile in individual polybag or Film+ Polybag or bliser pack sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.

Form of packing:

Steriled in individual polybag or Film + polybag or blister pack; 100pcs/carton

Size of packing:

Export carton: 520x380x360mm

G.w.: 7kgs      N.W.: 6kgs

Size: Large, Medium, Small