Surgery care
Sports tape

Product Features:

The sports tape uses cotton cloth serving as a base material and adhesive cement mainly made of zinc oxide and rubber, and the adhesive cement is coated in a shape of strip. When the product is used, firstly clean and dry the skin, tear out the product according to the needed length, and apply it to the needed part.

Different colors available.

Size available: 2.5cm×10y, 3.8cm×10y, 2.5cm×10y, 5cm×10y,

Transparent Film Rolls

Product Features:

PU adhesive dressing is mainly formed by two parts, a base material (PU) and separate paper.

The PU base material is soft, thin and light and mainly used for fixing, the product is used for the protection of various open injuries

Low in sensitization, excellent in biological compatibility, bacteria-free and high in air permeation, and doesn’t irritate or damage the skin not affect the natural functions of the skin

Size:5cm x 10m, 10cm x10m, 15cm x 10m